Purina One Dry Dog Food Review Update 01/2022

Purina One Dry Dog Food Review – The Truth About Purina Dry Dog Food

Purina is well known as a top brand of premium dog food. While they produce some of the best-selling brands, it is hard to know exactly what you are getting in your dog’s food bowl. That is why you need to read over the fine print on the package label and find out what is included in Purina One Dry Dog Food.

It is designed to be an all-in-one food, and you should expect a lot of additives, preservatives, additives, and sometimes carbohydrates to be used in your purchase of Purina One Dry Dog Food. I know that sounds shocking, but you have to put your trust in a company that uses so many negative aspects when manufacturing their food.

On the website of Purina you will see that it is clearly listed what types of meats and fish they use to make their food. If you ever go online and start researching the ingredients in food and see the list of ingredients used for dog food, you will quickly see that Purina has been doing it for quite some time. There are so many dangerous ingredients that are used that it is unbelievable.

You have to realize that the main ingredient in Purina One Dry Dog Food is Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Whole Grain Corn Meal, and Chicken by Product Meal. If this sounds like a long list of ingredients, well that is because it is.

While looking into this product, I found that the American Consumer Watchdog had not given the product a good rating. They found that the company has been cited for “deceptive advertising” in relation to ingredients. That is quite funny when you think about it because their main ingredient has chicken and has been there for years.

According to this major quality assurance report, the company had used “meat meal” as an ingredient on their website, and it has never been shown or even acknowledged by the company in other marketing. This has been a real problem for their reputation and you can bet that people do not trust a company with this kind of shady business.

Of course, that does not mean that you should not buy the product, just that you need to check the ingredients and check that there are no questionable chemicals in the mix. You have to understand that these companies have so much overhead with management, sales, warehouses, delivery, and customer service that they can afford to use ingredients that are not top quality.

You will find that Purina One Dry Dog Food has a lack of vitamins and minerals that your pet needs in order to stay healthy. There are more preservatives and artificial ingredients in the food than the “original” brands of food, so be careful when purchasing the brand.

The nutrition label on the box of Purina One Dry Dog Food says that it contains only a tiny amount of Vitamin E, just a little bit. The other vitamins and minerals that are contained in the food is very minimal and only a couple.

Even the inclusion of Chicken by Product Meal is not adequate for the other kinds of vitamins and minerals that your dog would need. Your dog may also suffer from severe digestive issues because of this type of food.

When you compare this kind of food to the original brand, you will find that it contains less protein, less fiber, and contains less than 2% of Vitamin E. It contains artificial colors and flavors. You have to wonder why Purina would include these things, but they do, and your dog will be eating them and this could have adverse effects.

I am sure that you can see how many problems can come from feeding your dog foods such as Purina One Dry Dog Food. Alwayslook for all the facts before you give your dog anything that is labeled as one of the top brands.