Orijen Original Dry Dog Food – Is It Safe? Update 01/2022

Orijen Original Dry Dog Food – Is It Safe?

orijen original dry dog food

One of the most notable features of Orijen Original dry dog food is that it is made of all-natural, USDA-approved ingredients. But what exactly does this mean? Does Orijen Original dry dog food contain genetically modified (GM) grains or other synthetic chemicals?

A lot of you may have a bad view of GM foods, so for those who might not be familiar with them, let me explain briefly. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism that has been altered in some way so that it produces a new kind of life that doesn’t have the same nutritional benefits as normal plants. It is important to understand that not all genetically modified organisms are dangerous to humans or pets, and most produce a specific variety of edible plants that can be eaten by pets.

Orijen Original dry dog food is specifically formulated to be healthy and safe for your dog. For example, not only are the ingredients safe to feed to your dog, they are also high in quality. Unlike pet food makers, the company doesn’t add chemicals, preservatives, fillers, or genetically modified grains to their dog food. Also, since the company is based in Denmark, they don’t ship the food all over the world.

Because of these unique characteristics, the company says that they were able to become the #1 provider of “all-natural” dog food in the United States. This means that no additional processing or chemical additives were used. All natural means nothing but organic produce and pure, natural ingredients.

The company’s motto is “Purely Organic,” and to prove it, they have also added non-GM grains, which also do not use any artificial processes. There are also no added preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, or synthetic chemicals in the raw materials.

The company’s goal is to educate its customers about the benefits of feeding their food to their dogs, and how Orijen Original dry dog food helps to promote good health for dogs. They also offer special online support, including step-by-step videos and written instructions that help with feeding your dog with their specific formula.

The company’s website also offers a wide range of helpful information for new dog owners, including articles written by experts in the field of holistic pet care. If you are wondering if Orijen Original dry dog food is truly safe to feed your dog, you will find information on whether you should buy a whole or mix, what kind of dog food to feed your dog, and the dangers associated with improper feeding habits.

You can even get coupons for Orijen Original dry dog food for a limited time for free trials on other brands! Plus, for the first two weeks, you can get free shipping, along with other great savings.

Orijen Original dry dog food contains grains like millet, oats, barley, and brown rice. Although not included in the company’s dog food lines, there are different forms of grain that you can feed your dog, including corn, wheat, soy, and soybean meal.

Although Orijen Original dry dog food contains wheat, it does not contain any genetically modified grains like corn. It’s important to realize that the majority of feeds on the market today do contain corn, so you really need to read the labels carefully before purchasing the right kind of feed for your dog.

No matter what the type of feed you decide to feed your dog, Orijen Original dry dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. Even though the majority of dog foods today do not have a list of ingredients, you should still be able to identify what types of grains are included in the formulation. It is best to consult your veterinarian before feeding your dog with Orijen Original dry dog food. You may need to monitor how much protein and iron are present in the dog food to ensure that your dog gets the proper nutrients to ensure good health.